Our team is our added value. Deixis is a fantastic duo that will meet all your needs!

heart «MACHINES»

A human approach, unique complementarity, astonishing results; That’s the Deixis team!

Chrystel Harding

A.K.A. the word «MACHINE»

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of events and theater as well as 8 years in social media management, we can say that Chrystel knows how to captivate an audience. 

Mastering the art of “storytelling” with finesse, she has an agile keyboard, funny words and compelling publications.

Specializing in copywriting, creating web strategies and community management for your social networks, she will know how to step aside when necessary to leave room for the essence and heart of your business.  Follow your instinct, it will take you far!

Favorite moments at work: Brainstorms

What sets her apart: Her sense of humor and wit, her attention to detail, her obsessive search for the “right word” as well as her ability to spark emotion in the reader when they least expect it. It’s annoying (but so endearing!).

Her most memorable quote: “Artificial intelligence, if poorly guided, can very quickly sound like the overly emotional speech of a tipsy car salesman at a Christmas party. »

She is looking for: Enriching collaborations, trusting professional relationships with entrepreneurs/creators ready to let themselves be contaminated by her enthusiasm and ideas of greatness!

Sabrina Michaud

A.K.A. the image «MACHINE»

Passionate about the business world, a go-getter at heart, a hard worker for all eternity, Sabrina spent 7 years in the entrepreneurial field before co-creating Deixis Creative Agency .

Her graphic universe and her multidisciplinary approach are the result of a clever amalgamation of all the knowledge accumulated over her years of study: bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing, interior design, architecture, graphic design, web design and programming …she will draw on everything available to her (and more!) to create precise, powerful and evocative images for you.

Website design, online store, content creation for your social networks, illustration, branding, logo, advertisements… you will soon wonder how you ever lived without her!

Her favorite moments at work: Starting a new branding mandate, when ideas jostle and bud like an orchard in the spring! 

What sets her apart: Her ability to identify the client’s needs, to transpose her marketing knowledge into everything in order to obtain results that stick out.

Her most memorable quote: “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”  -Georgia O’Keeffe

She seeks: To continue to have fun and enjoy the fact that her work is also her passion. Mark Twain is believed to have said; “Find a job you love doing and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” (I couldn’t stick to just one quote, sorry Chrystel!!)

Call on our magic touch!

«Abracadabra!», «Shazam!», «Hocus Pocus!», «Biscara-Biscara-Bam-Souya!» or «Bibbity Bobbity Bou!», no matter what formula we use, the result will be bewitching!