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Deixis Creative Agency is...

To be seen and heard

Whether to gain the trust of your customers, transmit fundamental values ​​or grow your turnover, marketing is the basis of your business approach. 

Reaching the right customers through trial and error takes time and is expensive. Let’s get to the point with effective marketing strategies.

The team!

A human approach, unique complementarity, astonishing results;
That’s the Deixis team!

Our two partners have a multitude of training and years of experience behind their ties.




In the world of communications, it's not enough to know what you want to say, you also need to know HOW to say it. Writing is an art that we handle with tact, precision and creativity. Whatever its form, your message will be highlighted and will definitely reach its target! Newsletters, press releases, blog articles, website content, internal communications, speaking engagements… our words will be put at your service!
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Social media management

Give us the mandate to design or refine your social medias strategies to finally put your energy in the right places and stop spreading yourself too thin. In a field where guidelines are constantly changing and evolving, we will be happy to train you and can even take care of everything for you!
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Web Design

Is your business ready to cross ALL borders? Our team with a keen artistic and technological eye will know how to build a website that reflects your image. Whether to increase your notoriety, to facilitate communications between you and your customers, to expand your market or to increase your sales tenfold, a website optimized in terms of both UI and UX is essential. The web is the highway of the future and our websites will put you in the fast lane!
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Graphic Design

Is your business ready to be recognized EVERYWHERE? Our graphic designer will create a brand image that suits you and will represent you on all platforms!
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